Sam In The City

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Creepin' Like A Wedgie

When I say creepin' like a wedgie, I'm referring to the first day of school for my Kindergartener's this upcoming Monday. Since the middle of last week, I've been making frequent trips back and forth to my school to set up my classroom and prepare for the little people that I will be teaching. :) Although setting up my classroom before school starts can be fun, it is also a GINORMOUS pain in the rear.

Sunday afternoon I went to school to finalize the furniture arrangement for my classroom. The hardest part of setting up is making my small classroom spacious enough to accommodate five large tables, which serve as the student's desk, four book shelves, one large manipulative shelf, a reading center table, block shelf, overly large teacher's desk and student mailbox shelf. I'm sure I missed a few pieces of furniture, but I'm sure you get the picture. Anywho, when I got to my classroom Sunday, I found a long rectangular table pushed against one of my blackboards where the students have their "Morning Meeting". (Morning Meeting time in a nutshell is where the students learn and review their letters, sounds, numbers, days of the week, months of the year and a many other concepts.) Whoever put the desk there moved my mini-chalk board and a few other items that are essential to our "Morning Meeting time". I knew the table was put in my classroom because each class is supposed to get more computers and a table is needed to accommodate them. Anyway, I moved the table to a different spot to create a computer center and didn't think too much of it. Moving on...

Well, Monday when I went back to school, and to be on the safe side I asked my principal if the table HAD to be in the specific spot it was placed. I explained to her that it was put in my "Morning Meeting" spot and it messed up the arrangement I had worked SOOO hard on in my classroom. To make a long story short, the table HAD to be left in that spot. :( Okay people, most of you are probably thinking I'm making too big of a deal out of having to move a rectangular table to a different spot in the classroom. Early childhood teachers out there understand how many painstaking hours it takes to hang up educational decorations/posters, personalize name tags and a zillion other things, and especially arrange the furniture. To make this already long story short, everything worked out. After a long time of moving several shelves and rehanging decorations, I finally came up with a new arrangement. God bless my little sister Donna who has been helping me set up my classroom ever since I became a teacher two years ago! If she wouldn't have been with me when I have to rearrange everything, my head probably would've popped off!

For the rest of the week I'll be at school making the finishing touches in my classroom. I just recently found out that the Kindergarten teachers will not be getting aides this year, so I'm trying to really work ahead to keep up with the work load I know will hit come Monday. I'll truly miss the much appreciated and needed help a teachers aide offers, but there's nothing I can do about it. Plain and simple, it's going to be me and my twenty-two little learners.

Well, I could probably blab on and on about school forever so I'll stop. Thanks for reading about what's been filling my days and evenings lately. Much love to those of you out there who continue to read my blog. You guys are the best! ;) Have a great evening friends-I'm off like a dirty shirt.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Summer Daze

Yes people, I am alive and have not fallen off the face of the internet world. This is my latest entry in over a month and I have no good excuse for that, except I've been too lazy to haul my ass three feet from the couch over to the computer. When I come home from work or physical therapy (for my knees), I'm just not in the mood to share much of anything these days. However, with school starting up again at the end of this month, and classroom preparations in the mix, I'll probably get caught up in the Back To School madness. I'm actually looking forward to the set routine and classroom environment. Working with the day campers hasn't been too terrible, but it's not like the structured environment of a classroom.

Since my last entry not too much has been going on. Dan and I took a trip to Indianapolis to visit Frema and Luke, and had an absolute blast! Their apartment complex is beautiful, with a groovy gated pool and large pond of cute little ducky wucky's!!! We spent some time in their apartment, but also went miniature golfing, explored downtown and the Canal, in addition to dining out a few times. It was a really fun time and Dan and I hope to plan more trips to visit Indy in the future. We're also going camping with Frema and Luke the weekend after next, and I'm really looking forward to it! Yay for summer fun!

I can't believe the summer is going by so quickly. In just a few short weeks Dan and I will both be in the swing of things for Back To School. I hope that you've all enjoyed your summer thus far and continue to live it up. I don't plan on skipping an entire month blogging again, (sorry July), so be sure to check for new entries. Thanks for sticking out my lazy stretch with me and continuing to read friends! Have a groovy day and stay cool! ;)