Sam In The City

Monday, May 22, 2006

Life Altering News

It's almost 11:15p.m. on a Monday night and I couldn't wait to share this exciting news with the internet until tomorrow. Today I called the landlord to notify him that our bathtub was getting a little backed up; there's nothing like standing in your own scum in the shower. Yuck. Anywho, it didn't take but a few hours to send a plumber over to correct the problem. This plumber has been to our apartment several times due to this very problem. The root of the problem rests in my hair, in that it is literally clogging the drain. After fixing the drain, the plumber did something extra for us that is absolutely AMAZING. He fixed our water pressure people! He fixed it! Before this miraculous man came into our apartment today, our water pressure was about as forceful as a drizzly day. Now it's as forceful as an old lady claiming her prize at a Sunday Bingo game! Now the water drips luxuriously, like the kind of pressure a shower at a fancy hotel would have. Or anyway, I assume so, because I don't recall ever staying at a fancy hotel, unless the Holiday Inn counts...does it? I think it should. ;)

Well anyway, Dan and I are just ecstatic about the life altering cleansing change. For our wedding shower we requested a power shower head because of the poor pressure, and we did get it. However, in trying to install the shower head, we stripped the threads on the screw connecting the precious new shower head. Imagine our horror when our high pressure shower dreams were shattered! Shattered I tell you...until now. Ah, it's the little things in life that I appreciate. No longer will I dread taking an agonizing twenty minute shower to rid my hair of the day's grease with drizzling water, oh no. When I washed my hair tonight I felt like the shampoo was literally blasted clear off my scalp people! ;)

Anywho, for those of you out there who don't understand the source of my joy... consider yourself lucky friends! Wait 'til you feel the difference this weekend Frema-it's awesome. You and your thick hair will appreciate it! Well, I better go to bed now before this euphoric state wears off. Over and out. ;)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Friday

Whaaaaaa-whoooo! It's finally Friday and I'm welcoming the weekend with open arms. Toward the end of this week my students made a pact to drive me insane, which almost worked. I wish kept better mental notes of the things my students did in class to share with you all because they're pretty funny kids.

Anywho, there's not a lot going on for me this weekend, which is great, because the last couple of months have literally been jam packed with events. Tomorrow I'm going to a birthday party for my groovy aunt, and Frema and Luke will also be in town. I'm excited to see the newly weds and hear all about their honeymoon. Dan and I didn't really go on a honey because we got married on a Friday, and he started work the following Monday. We did however, go to Jellystone Park campground for a little getaway over Labor Day weekend, which was really nice. We want to plan a small trip this summer to just kick back and relax. Dan and I like water parks, so I'm thinking Wisconsin Dells would be fun. We're pretty laid back people, so a campfire, some beer and a day at the water park sounds great. The idea of going to Vegas for a weekend also came up, but it's cheaper to just throw our money away in Chicago. On the other hand, you can always guarantee a great time in Sin City. We'll see what happens! Well, enough with the random vacation rambling...can you tell I've been thinking about it? Anywho, have a great weekend everyone-I'm off like a dirty shirt. ;)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cheers to Breain and Luke!

These pictures were taken throughout yesterday, for Frema and Luke's beautiful wedding. The ceremony was very personal and touching...I didn't think I'd cry as much as I did! Your reception was a blast, as I'm sure you could see how much fun I had! ;) I just want to say again how happy I am for you two!! You looked AMAZING Bree and the red toe nails were quite cute! I'm so glad to have you in our family Luke. You're such a great guy and I love you both!

Here comes the beautiful bride!

First dance as husband and wife

Cutting the cake

Father/daughter dance

Bouquet Toss

Pictures of fabulous people

Congratulations Breain and Luke! I love you so much and know that you are having a wonderful honeymoon; can't wait to see you! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO, Sissy

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dan, Dan the Meteor Man

Yesterday Dan had a second interview to teach at the high school he attended. He was excited about it and called me after work today to tell me how it went. Dan sounded really sad on the phone, kinda stalling to say whether or not he actually got the job. At first I thought he was trying to trick me into thinking he didn't get the job, kinda like pulling a Joey from "Friends". After a minute or so he caved and excitedly reported that he indeed had gotten his dream job! :) Dan has always wanted to teach at this high school and this is such a GREAT opportunity for him. Currently he is a third grade teacher, so you can see the huge grade jump, in that he'll most likely be teaching sophomore Geometry. He has always wanted to teach older students. I'm just so proud and happy for him. My hubby's really anticipating teaching where he attended high school and said he can see himself settling there. Go Meteor's and CONGRATULATIONS baby, you did it!!

P.S. The countdown is on Miss Frema and Mr. Useful! Can you believe your BIG DAY is already this Friday?!? Yea baby!! ;)

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Arm

Yawn...time for bed. It's been a long day and you want nothing more than to crawl into a nice warm bed and snuggle next to your honey. You want to snuggle up next to that special someone and fall into a blissful sleep...but wait, you can't! You discover that there really is no truly comfortable position to sleep in because of, dun, dun, dun THE ARM!

Yes that's right people, I'm talking about The Arm. Everynight when Dan and I go to bed we always start out snuggled close next to each other ready for a peaceful sleep. But then he puts his arm underneath my pillow and it lifts my head up in an awkward position that makes it impossible for me to comfortably fall asleep. A few weeks ago he fell asleep right away with his arm under my head and I didn't want to wake him, so I left it there for like two hours! Finally, after watching the clock hit one in the morning, I said screw it and moved The Arm.

Sometimes I can fall asleep no problem with The Arm under my head, but most of the time it's more of a sleep hazard. Occasionally Dan will wake up with a sore arm due to our attempts to sleep holding eachother. It's a lose/lose situation because I like it when Dan holds me at night, and it feels weird when we're facing opposite directions. I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now, curious to see how others comfortably cuddle at night with no uncomfortable casualties. Let me know what you think. ;)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Where In The World Is Sambo?

I've been quite the absentee blogger lately due to an overload of doctor visits, preparing fieldtrips and projects for my students, attending family gatherings, watching Friends, and um...just pure laziness. The Friends portion of my busy schedule is now eliminated because I have successfully finished watching all ten seasons. (Frema and Brooke, you'll be happy to know that you can now have your seasons back!) By the time I'm done with all the day's work, I just look forward to sitting on my couch and zoning out. I borrowed "The DaVinci Code" from my cousin Kenny about two and a half weeks ago, and it's currently buried under a nasty coat of dust from being neglected. Somehow it makes me feel less guilty about not reading it yet by just looking at it everyday. Weird.

Anywho, I'm back, for now at least and I totally LOVE reading all of my blogger friends posts. I have to learn how to multi-task my blog better...I've missed reading and commenting on your blogs friends, and I'm sorry.

Jumping around a little, Frema's and Luke's wedding is less than two weeks away!! My big sister will be a married woman in ten days people. I'm so happy for her I could burst! ;) Dan and I were talking about it today and I told him I was so happy for Frema and Luke that I could cry...and probably will at the wedding. Then Dan shared with me that when I got married, as soon as I began walking down the aisle Frema turned on the tears. It's hard for men to understand the very sacred bond sisters share. I'm so lucky and blessed to have three sisters.

(Frema and Ryan in the back, Donna, Styxie and me in the front)

I could not imagine life without Frema, Ryan, Donna and my brother Geo. As the matron of honor, one of the things I am responsible for is making a toast at the reception. I've been thinking a lot about all of the things I want to say and it's going to be hard. How to you summarize twenty-four years of sisterhood love and overwhelming happiness for the happy couple into a brief, yet meaningful toast? I'll figure it out. I'm just really happy to have the honor of proposing a toast to Frema and Luke. ;)