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Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Fun!

Pick 20 random people of your friends that you know personally (i.e. have actually met in person). Type them out first BEFORE reading any of the questions, then answer the questions accordingly.

Don't definitely ruins it!

1. Dan
2. Frema
3. Brooke
4. Ryan
5. Kenny
6. Geo
7. Donna
8. Ro
9. Luke
10.Auntie Betty
14.Ray landlord
19.momma v.

-What would you do if you had never met #5?
I'd have missed out on many, many treasured childhood and adult memories with my dear cousin Kenny!

-What do you honestly think of #10?
Auntie Betty is very easy to talk to and has a heart of gold!

-Would/did #19 and #8 go out?
My mother in law and Luke have and will never be an item. Besides the fact that they're both taken, they'd totally clash anyway.

-Did you ever like #3?
Hmmm...Brooke, are you telling our secrets? ;)

-If #1 died tomorrow, what is the one thing that you would need him/her to know?
The thought of this makes me ill. If Dan died tomorrow, part of me would die with him. He already knows that I am madly in love with him...and that's all that matters.

-Would #2 and #11 make a good couple?
Hahahaha! Frema and my dear friend Liz would be a good couple if they were lesbians. It'd be like The Odd Couple and they'd balance eachother out.

-Describe #7 in three words:
Donna is beautiful, strong-willed, leader

-Do you think #12 is hot?
Micah's a cutie.

-Would #1 and #17 make a good couple?
Hysterical! Dan and his two year old cousin Hannah would not make a good couple...try Lifetime! ;)

-What do you think of when you see # 8?
When I see Ro I think about how successful and sincere of a person she is

-Do you know any of #6's family members?
I know ALL of my brother Geo's family members.

-What's #20's favorite color?
I think Twiney likes purple...I think!

-On a scale of 1-10 how cute is #14?
Ray's an 8...he's got a great personality too.

-What would you do if #4 just professed his/her undying love for you?
If my younger sister Ryan professed her undying love for me, I'd profess it right back!

-Who is #16 going out with?
Stevie is married to Angie.

-Is #9 a boy or a girl?
Luke is a man.

-Would #18 and #4 make a good couple?
This is just weird...Ryan and Jason are a GREAT couple and have been dating for about two years. (I swear I didn't cheat!!!)

-Who do you think #15 would be great with from this list?
My landlord is loaded...Dan and I wouldn't mind shackin' up with him!

-When was the last time you talked to #12?
I talked to Micah in the beginning of November about his lovely wife's birthday! :)

-What is #3's favorite band?
Brooke has always been a loyal New Kids On The Block fan.

-Does #2 have any siblings?
Frema has 4 sibs.

-Would you ever date #6?
There's no hillbilly blood in these veins...I'd never date my brother! :)

-Would you ever date #15?
We've discussed this landlord is rich and desirable! ;)

-Is #7 single?
Donna is single.

-What is #20's last name?
Twiney's last name is Shenoo.

-What is #1's middle name?
Daniel Anthony

-Where does #9 live?
Luke you are so popular! #9 resides in Indianapolis.

-Would you make out with #13?
Once again, I have no romantic feelings for my sis in law.

-Are #5 and #6 best friends?
Actually, Geo and Kenny are pretty darn close!

-Does #7 like #20?
Donna likes Twiney!

-How did you meet #18?
Through my sister Ryan, because she took Jason to her junior prom and the rest is history!

-Is #12 older than you?

-Is #17 the sexiest person alive?
Well, Hannah's mom likes to call her sexy...being 2 years old and all-I'd have to say no.

-Have you hooked up with more than three people on this list?
Well I'ved hooked up with almost all of these people for coffee and drinks...but no romantic hook ups besides my honey Dan! :)

This was so fun! The people in my family and my closest friends popped into my head 1st and it was so neat to see how this all played out. I'm still tripped out about Ryan and Jason. Have fun if you decide to do this for yourself. ;)

Job Application or Psychoanalysis??

The day started off with me hitting snooze from 6:05a.m. to 6:25a.m. when I finally dragged my tired butt out of bed. Dan and I were up late talking last night and didn't go to bed until almost one, which is pretty late for the both of us. Thank God for coffee and french vanilla cream! My students were pretty well behaved, which was great, especially considering it was their first day back after Thanksgiving break. I felt so bad for them though because today their lunches were an hour and fifteen minutes late! They kept complaining they were hungry and wanted to eat. :( One of my students said, "Mrs. Villa, but I brought my lunch. Can't I just eat it now because I'm so hungry." I had to remind Elizabeth that it's rude to eat in front of others who have no food. Poor little Elizabeth's bottom lip curled and she hungrily went back to her seat. When the lunches actually arrived, you could've heard a pin drop in that class!

Not only was lunch late, but Music was cancelled too. We normally go later in the week, but the music teacher rescheduled our time for today so we could practice for our big Christmas Show next week. Both Kindergarten classes are singing, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth". They're as cute as you probably think they are! :) Anyway, I was really mad about Music being cancelled because I was not informed until the students were getting ready for Music in the afternoon. Another teacher came in my room to make sure I heard the news, which I obviously hadn't. It really frosts my cookies that the teachers are so poorly informed and that people think we don't plan our day around scheduled activities.

Anywho, so today I applied for a job at a Dollar Tree store very close by my apartment. Dan and I won't be performing on the street for quarters anytime soon, but a second job would definitely help us move forward financially in saving to buy a house. Dan is also going to apply for a second job at some local gaming stores. I just wanted something nearby so I could walk to work and not worry about getting home too late. But that Dollar Tree application was like a frickin' psychology test! After asking me a million and one times where I live and if I've ever committed a felony, there was a questionnaire with about ninety-six weird statements I had to respond to. There were only a few statements on each page, and there were twenty-four pages! I had to apply on the computer in the store, which was dated back to the early 90's and worked as poorly as Carnie Wilson's natural attempts at dieting. I tried to remember a lot of the statements so I could share how ridiculous they are with you. I couldn't believe how long the questionnaire took me to do. A lot of the questions were repeated and just restated, so the same things were being asked over and over again.

Anyway, here are some examples of the questions/statements I had to respond to.
(All responses had to be answered with Strongly Agree, Agree, Strongly Disagree, Disagree)
1. You feel like it is hard to be optimistic all the time.
2. You have few or no close friends.
3. You care what other people think about you.
4. You take breaks when working on a long project.
5. You often start projects and do not finish them.
6. You always finish the projects that you start.
7. Are you finished causing trouble? (yea...)
8. You always think about other people's feelings.
9. You call in sick if you are a little sick. (Now honestly, in applying for a job, you have to wonder what moron what put Strongly Agree or Agree.)
10.When you are finished with one project, you immediately move on to the next.
11.When someone hurts you, you want to hurt them back.
12.You deserve more than you have. (why is this relevant??)
13.You have done things in the past that you regret.
14.You have few or no friends that you have made at work.

Those were just of the statements that I can actually remember. It's fine that the people in charge of hiring want a little insight on future employees, but honestly, that application was a load of crap. If, now that's an if I get hired, then I'm sure that questionnaire with just play a HUGE role in my job as a cashier at the Dollar Tree. I wish I could remember some more of those statements, because the ones I do remember were actually kinda normal in comparison to the other seventy something odd ones. Regardless, I really do hope I get this job. The extra money would be great and it is only about five blocks from our apartment. Wish me luck! :)

In other news, Dan and I joined a gym today! This gym just opened up a few weeks ago and is right by the Dollar Tree. We got a really good membership price because we were among the first one-hundred members to join! :) I'll let you know how my first workout there goes tomorrow. Have a great evening. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blessings All Around Me

What a blessed young woman I am to have such great family and friends! The Thanksgiving holiday was absolutely wonderful because I got to be with my family all weekend. Frema and Luke stayed with Dan and I, so I felt very spoiled having them stay with us! :) Dan and I really need to get an extra mattress or something though so our family is more comfortable when they stay over.

Yesterday was an interesting day because my grandfather, his wife and son came in from Indiana to visit. The visit was interesting because we really don't see grandpa often, and when we do, it's usually due to a special or unfortunate event. Anywho, the visit went really well and I was glad to see him. God bless my parents for not holding life long grudges and always keeping their door open to crazy relatives.

My cousin Kenny was also in from college and lives very close by, so I spent a lot of time with him this weekend. Kenny, Frema and I were always together growing up. We were always plotting sleepovers and opportunities to spend time together. It's crazy how fast the years have gone by. The three prepubescent sobrinos who were connected at the hip are now all in their twenties with real life responsibilities. I feel so proud of my family and all of the goals and dreams their working so hard to reach. Not to get too sappy, but I really do feel blessed and so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

This past Thanksgiving holiday lasted four days, rather than one. I'm really looking forward to Christmas when we will all be together again. Whether we're putting mom's sparkly Zsa Zsa slippers on our dog Styx, or just hanging out talking at the kitchen table, I can always count on a good time. I keep thinking about back in the day when we all lived under the same roof and got to see eachother everyday. When you're a kid, I don't think you truly appreciate your siblings and parents the way you do when you're an adult. My youngest sister, Donna, will be thirteen next month and that just blows my mind. We spend a lot of time together and I'm really grateful for that. Pretty soon she will be busy with the teenage life, such as going out on dates and taking hours to get ready for them.

Well, anyway, what a weekend! I had a FABULOUS time and am trying to get my mind ready for work mode tomorrow. Have a great evening and thanks for reading. :)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Yaaaa-hoooo! So how lucky are my siblings and I to have two Thanksgiving dinners! Unfortunately, dad was at the firehouse for Thanksgiving yesterday, so we are having our celebration today. As long as the whole family is together, it doesn't matter what day we share the holiday on. :)

Anywho, so yesterday Dan and I ate dinner by his parent's house and it was really nice. That was the 1st time I ate over there with his family on Thanksgiving. It was cool to be a part of their special day. No disrespect, but there's no cookin' like my momma's, she and dad sure make a wicked cooking team. Actually, Dan and I are on our way out in a few minutes to begin the festivities! ;) I'm so excited about being together with all of my family. Frema and Luke are staying with me and Dan, and I'm really excited to see them! It feels so homey here when the fam is around and I love playing hostess. I want to make tuna casserole for dinner tomorrow night, a delicious recipe handed down from mom. Dan seems to have taken quite the liking to it. :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with your families and friends. God bless you and be safe in your travels!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Because She's Broke

The students rushed quickly into class this morning to hang up their bookbags, hand in their folders and get back in line for church this morning. One of my students worriedly approaches my desk and says,"But Mrs. Villa I don't have any money, and my mom said she's broke because she don't have any money." I told him that it was okay he that he didn't have any money, because you don't need any money for church. He happily accepted my answer and went to goof off in line.

Anyway, the concern on that poor little boy's face about having money for church was so sad. It's such an amazing thing how honest young children are. A few weeks ago, Luis told me one morning that his dad did his homework so Luis could go to bed early because he was sick. I wrote Luis' parents politely telling them that next time Luis is sick, just write me a note. But please don't do his homework for him. Luis hasn't snitched on his parents doing his homework since. :) Good times.

Well, you all have a very happy, fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday. God bless you and your families!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Random Memories For 500 Please...

1. I was born in North Carolina on a Navel Base in Cherry Point where my dad was stationed as a Marine.
2. I was born in the hallway and delivered by an orderly because the staff didn't believe my mom when she said I was coming!
3. I absolutely love ketchup and firmly believe you can eat it with almost anything
4. My dearest friend in the whole world, Brooke and I used to sing, "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me" by Expose in my bedroom. Then we would make a real live music video and crack up as we finished by mooning the Boulevard!
5. My husband and I dated for seven and a half years before marrying.
6. My older sister Frema taught me how to "street fight" as a kid when we would whoop eachother's butts over the last Nutty Bar.
7. I had a crush on a boy named Richard from Kindergarten to 5th grade straight!! Then when he finally asked me to smooch him in 5th grade, Frema found out and snitched on me to my dad! ;0
8. Brooke and I would make the BEST tents in the world in her old house on Leavitt using sheets and chairs!
9. I believe I am obsessive compulsive because I check the locks to my apartment and that my alarm is set at least a million times a night!! It's really annoying.
10. This was originally supposed to be my 100 list and then I got side-tracked...Frema's gonna be ticked!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

It has definitely been a while since I've been into blogging mode. Today as I write this entry, my wonderful husband is ironing the last of our new curtains so we can hang them up. That's right folks, no more thin sheets that don't quite hit the floor. Because of balcony window is so darn long and wide, it's harder to find inexpensive, but cute curtains. Anyway, the ones we found at Wal-Mart are nice, even though we had to get 2 packages, which means 4 total curtains to be ironed. The reason I keep moaning and groaning about the ironing is because it takes FOREVER to iron them. Nevertheless, it does feel fun to have real curtains now and it definitely adds a bit more touch of home.

In other news, my youngest sister Donna helped me put together and decorate mine and Dan's very 1st Christmas tree together. While Donna and I had a blast figuring out where it would go and how to decorate it, Dan watched the Bears game at his brother Mike's. Besides the fact that it was an utter joy having my baby sister help decorate my tree, it was even cooler that the tree (already pre-lighted) and ornaments were free! :) My Tia gave me the tree and Dan's aunt gave us three boxes of ornaments over the summer. After the tree, I decided that all the Christmas must go up, so I finished decorating the whole apartment. I'm talking Santa's and candy canes, and the cute cheesy cut-outs all over the cabinets. Dan said that I was decorating kinda early, and although I agree, over Thanksgiving I have to go and decorate my classroom. So I'm actually right on track. Besides, I love Christmas and I want to enjoy all the perks of it as long as possible. I have already done all the Christmas cards for my colleagues at work, so I'm not overwhelmed when I do the family cards. What can I say, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :)

I just love Christmas time. I'll get to be with all my family at the same time and enjoy their company. With my sisters Ryan and Frema being out of state, they are missed dearly!! The chaos of everyday life seems to revolve around fighting over the wish bone from the turkey, or who will wash the dinner dishes. I'll take these memories anyday. :) I feel so "adult" this year with sending out Christmas cards and ironing curtains. (That's not to say that Sallie Mae doesn't make me feel adult the 15th of every month!) Being a teacher, we really do get the nice perks of having an extended already paid vacation over the holidays. I don't think the teaching field would be as large if there weren't extended periods away from the students! ;) It felt good to blog...maybe I should try it more often. Until the next time, over and out! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

blah, blah, blah

I haven't been much of a blogger lately. Spending more and more time at work, I'm finding that I'm getting so much done there, but being more and more lazy at home. I come home from work and think about dinner, making tomorrow's lunches and preparing the coffee. I'm lucky if I get up to go to aerobics these past 2 weeks. Anyway, I love my job and what I do and I've been getting a lot done. I steadily read everyone else's blog, and fail to update my own. Anyway, just wanted to explain the lack of writing lately. I hope to become more motivated and crawl out of the slumps.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's Been Awhile!

It's been awhile since I last blogged, almost a week ago tomorrow. My excuse, well I spent a lot of prep time last week for Parent/Teacher Conferences that took place this past Friday. The Conferences went great!! It was so good to hear the parents say how impressed they are with what much their kids are learning and how much they love school. :)

Flashing back to earlier last week, my birthday was very nice! ;) The day of my birthday, Dan and I went out to Red Lobster for dinner, which was awesome. I swear that place has the BEST stuffed mushroom's and biscuits. Mmmmmmm!!! The Red Lobster staff even sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me a huge brownie sundae that I found out later was not on the house. :( Then we went to my parents house and had a little cake and the wonderful birthday song. ;) I really wanted to stop home on my birthday, it would have been weird not to. Dan gave me my presents early, like I said before. The Ray Charles CD and Cinderella movie have already been listened to and watched! ;) The coolest, oh my God, I really love this present was from Frema. She got me the complete first season of Roseanne! :) I have been watching it everyday and I am almost done with the whole season. Frema really surprised me and it was so sweet of her to mail it to me, especially considering the postage rates these days. I LOVE YOU BREAIN! ;)

24 has been busy thus far, but I'm expecting things to slow down in the next week or so. I literally just got my car back from Dan's cousin. He said there were quite a few things wrong with it and there is still one more thing that needs to be fixed. It's such a relief to have the beast back! I haven't driven in three about being chauffered! After one more repair, he said the car should last another year and a half at least. That's fine with me because Dan and I are saving for the summer and a house right now. In order to keep a comfortable life style, we have to be sure to save steadily throughout the year because Dan doesn't get paid over the summer like I do. So his checks are bigger now, but non-exisitent over the summer.

Anywho, it's been a busy weekend. After Parent/Teacher Conferences on Friday, Dan and I picked up Donna, my groovy little sister spent the night on Friday and stayed with us most of the day on Saturday. On Saturday morning, Donna and I went to church with Dan to see his 3rd grade students make their First Holy Communion. Dan has been working with the students since the beginning of the school year to prepare his students for this big day. Everything went smoothly and the kids were so excited. I'm really proud of the wonderful teacher my husband is. ;) After church, we hit up White Castle and then went to see Saw II, and even got carded. What a great flippin' movie! I highly recommend it. Then Donna and I parked our butts on the love seat and watched television. We were highly engrossed in the Laguna Beach marathon that MTV was hosting and the My Fair Brady show that was marathoning on VH1. I don't watch t.v. a lot, but it these two shows just seemed to glue our eyes to the screen. Who woulda ever guessed that I would be watching Peter Brady's reality t.v. show...or more importantly, who woulda guessed he'd ever get his own reality show??

Anywho, last night my little brother, G-Unit, who is not so little anymore, spent the night. I flip-flopped siblings this weekend, which made me feel like the cool older sister. I always thought of Frema as a cool older sister and I would also like to have that repuation amongst the sibs. ;)

It's been loads of fun catching up in the blogging world. I have lots more news to share, but I'm pooped, so I'll write more later. Buenos noches!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Adios 23! Hola 24!

Ah yes, my last official blog entry as a 23 year old woman. Why does the coming of my birthday tomorrow seem to be urking me so much? I received two great presents from my husband, and had a celebratory lunch with my groovy in-laws this weekend, but yet, I'm bothered. I guess it's because I feel like 24 is old. Now I know you may be thinking, no, it's not old and you're right. It's not old old, but I feel like it's a good "adult" age. Whatever. Twenty-four is inevitable. It's creepin' like a bad wedgie and tomorrow I will no longer be 23 years old. I even have to change the age on my profile...dun, dun, dun! Twenty-four will be a good year for me. Since Dan and I were just married in August, this is the age that I'll go through our first year of marriage in.

One of my students asked me today, "Mrs. Villa, are you going to bring in treats for your birthday tomorrow?" I laughed and told the student yes. The funny thing about being a teacher is even when it's your birthday you still have to bring the treats. :)

To bid 23 a proper farewell, here are 23 memories/thoughts to remember about being 23: (in no particular order)

1. 23 was my first year teaching
2. Dan proposed to me on Thanksgiving
3. Obviously, I said yes :)
4. I got my first apartment and moved out of my parents house for good
5. My groovy sister Frema threw Dan and I an awesome Wedding Shower
6. Frema also threw me an incredible Bacholerette party
7. Dan and I got married! :)
8. I went to California for the 1st time
9. I really got into running and aerobics
10.I learned that when there is pee under the toilet seat, that it could be my fault(says a close marital source)
11.Out of 30 men, I was in a Texas Hold'em tournament as the only female, and came in 4th place-winning my $60.00 buy-in money back :)
12.The Chicago White Sox kicked some major booty and claimed ownership to being the WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! :)
13. My older sister, Frema moved to Indianapolis
14. My sister Ryan went away to IU
15. I danced around the kitchen with Dan to my new Ray Charles CD and had a blast
16. I learned how to make tuna casserole and omelets!!
17. I ventured into married life and all the little changes that go with it
18. I entered the wonderful world of blogging (thanks, Frema!)
19. My Brookita discovered she is pregnant! :)
20. My 13 year old sister got a cell
21. My brother, Dan and I went to Great America and rented a wheel chair so we didn't have to wait in the horribly long lines...and yes, thinking back, I feel a twinge of guilt-this is the 2nd time I've done this, remember Frema?
22. I had my very first visit to the foot doctor
23. I developed a real love for Ray Charles' talented musical genius

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'll Take Random Fun For 500 Please...

What a weekend! Friday night Dan and I started to watch "Hot Shots" and then I conked out on him and we went to bed. Saturday we slept til 10a.m. and then I made myself breakfast while Dan went shopping for my birthday present! ;) I was so happy to have not broken the yoke in my over easy eggs, until I realized I had overcooked the yoke! :( Nevertheless, I'm still excited about cooking more these days. When Dan returned we did our dreaded laundry at the laundry matt. A lady there told me I had a good man to be helping me do the laundry. I thanked her for the nice comment and then told her that it wasn't all my laundry, which means I expect him to help. I felt really bad for this lady because she had about 5 washers going and four kids with her. When she left her young daughter was helping her push the laundry in an empty baby stroller. If we wouldn't have had so much crap in the trunk, we would've asked if she wanted a ride to where she was going. Then again, she may have thought we were weirdo's for asking.

Anywho, so after laundry, my wonderful friend Carrie came over and we drank some Pinot Grigio at about 4p.m. and ate countless Starbursts, while catching up with eachother's lives. I love those kind of visits!

Later in the evening, Dan gave me one of my birthday presents early...Ray Charles The Best of Ray Charles CD!! I was SOOO EXCITED. Earlier we went to a music store and I really wanted to buy a Ray Charles CD and Dan kept ignoring my great idea. When we got back home I was trying to download some of his songs when Dan surprised me by giving me the CD early. We then had a few drinks together and literally started dancing in our kitchen to the CD. I don't care how corny it sounds, it was so much fun! We don't really get to dance together, besides going to celebrations or the oh so rare club trip. I was cracking up as Dan was spinning me around the kitchen being all suave and smooth like. ;) Thank you Mr. Ray Charles Robinson. After our awesome dancing session, I called Frema a tad tipsy and had to hang up because the wine was being evil!! After we hung up, I got a call from my younger sister, Marge, who was also tipsy. It's something about a Saturday night that brings out the wine! ;) Dan and I ended the night watching UFC on Spike TV. UFC fighting is a mixture of all these different kinds of martial arts styles being used to fight. Man, these fights were really crazy and bloody. Is is sick that I had fun watching them?

Anywho, today the husband and I drove separately to his cousin's house in Bufu Egypt, a.k.a., Lockport, IL so he could look at "the beast" (my car) and let us know if it could be fixed or should be junked. On the way there, I got lost when I misread a sign. :( Dan honked at me and I fearfully looked to my right as I saw him drive past me on another road! Not only was I lost, but I was lost in a car that is known to die out randomly. Dan and I were snippy with one another on our cell phones as I was trying to get "unlost" because he didn't know where I was to help me get back to him, and I started getting really scared. To make a long story short, I am very proud of myself that I found my way back to the right road, all by myself. Don't get me wrong, it took me a few minutes and some back tracking to get there, but the point is that I got there. After we got back to Chicago from dropping my car off, we met my groovy in-laws for a pre-birthday lunch at the cute little restaurant we live next door to. They got me an ABC, 123 teacher shirt, a Wal-Mart gift certificate and the sweetest card ever! Basically, the card says that I am not a daughter-in-law, but a daughter. :) Very nice, very nice.

This weekend has been very busy and fun! Between pre-birthday fun and getting lost , I was even able to do all my students report cards. Parent/teacher conferences are this Friday. Two thumbs up my last FABULOUS weekend as a 23 year old woman!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Why would someone gossip about another person to you, and then turn around and gossip about you to that person??? Perhaps brain damage is a sufficient answer...I dunno. What do you think? Please feel free to comment and share you own gossip experiences to make me feel better. I'm so mad!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Do, Re, Meme!!

Three names I go by
- Samantha
- Sam
- Sambo

Three screen names I have or had
- samanthajul
- sambosam8
- sambita8

Three physical things I like about myself
- eyes
- legs
- lips

Three physical things I don't like about myself
- don't have a six pack
- random pimples
- thin hair

Three parts of my heritage
- Irish
- Mexican
- Arabian

Three things that scare me
- death...when I think about it too much
- sleeping an a house/apt. all by myself
- Chuckie from the movie Child's Play!

Three of my everyday essentials
- Walking or running
- Mascara
- Coffee with French Vanilla cream! ;)

Three of my favorite musical artists
- I'm a new fan of Ray Charles(after watching "Ray"...although I don't own any CD's YET
- The Beatles
- Beethoven

Three of my favorite songs (but not all of them!)
- "In My Life" The Beatles
- "Colorblind" Counting Crows
- "Uanswered Prayers" Garth Brooks

Three things I want in a relationship
- Honesty
- Passion
- Unconditional love

Three lies and truths in no particular order
- I love to eat octopus!
- I sometimes drool at night.
- My birthday is November 8th and I will be 30 years old! ;)

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me
- Bottocks
- Arms
- Warm eyes and smile

Three of my favorite hobbies
- exercising
- watching movies
- playing Texas Hold'em

Three things I want to do really badly right now
- To not have work tomorrow
- To see my Nana...(random thought)
- To go to bed

Three Places I want to vacation
- Italy
- Tanzania (to visit old friends)
- Hawaii

Three kid's names I like
- Daniel
- George
- Elizabeth

Three things I want to do before I die
- Have kids
- Publish my journal that I wrote while in Tanzania
- Go to Italy!

Three ways that I am stereotypically a boy
- One of my nicknames is Sam
- I don't have double D's
- I love to play cards

Three ways that I am stereotypically a girl
- I actually enjoy Lifetime television for women
- I'm paranoid about my gut
- I'm 23 and sleepovers are still cool!

Three celeb crushes
- Tom Cruise-I've been obsessed since watching "Vanilla Sky" and "Collateral"
- Ryan Phillipe-Watch him in "Crash"
- Randall Batkinoff-He's a hottie in "For Keeps" with Molly Ringwald!

Three people I would like to see post this meme
1. Brookita
2. Frema
3. Luke